"Since its founding in 1924, Mayekawa has focused on the development of freezing and cooling technology.Our technology began with cooling applications and we developed various components such as compressors, heat engineering devices and unmanned systems. Today we are moving into food processing, automation robotics and chemical plant equipment fields in both the domestic and international arenas"



1. State-of-the-art production facilities and quality assurance management system

MYCOM genuine parts for refrigeration compressors are designed and generated by MYCOM Moriya Factory in Japan using state-of-the-art production facilities which meet ISO-9001 International Quality Assurance Standards.
MYCOM production technology has been transferred from Japan to its overseas subsidiaries in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Korea,etc. together with the latest production facilities and technical knowhow, assuring that MYCOM genuine parts meet the highest standards wherever produced.

2. Product warranty

MYCOM has over the years delivered a remarkable number of industrial refrigeration compressors for utilization in a wide range of fields and operating under the most severe conditions. The manufacture of MYCOM genuine parts is based on the experience gained from over seventy years of production, utilizing the finest raw materials and meeting the strictest dimension requirements, making it possible for us to warrant perfomance for a full year after trial operation commences. If any defect in material or workmanship is found or if any malfunction can be attributed to MYCOM refrigeration compressor during this one-year warranty period, MYCOM will repair or replace the affected parts with new ones free of charge based on our in-house rules for warranty.


3. Continuous improvement and change in design

MYCOM continually strives to improve the component parts for its refrigeration compressors in order to maximize reliability. The results of improvements are distributed to customers through "Instruction Manuals", "Service Manuals" and "Service News" and are reflected in the R & D activities for new products and new technologies. MYCOM develops higer technologies on a continuing basis in order to offer the finest refrigeration equipment and systems available in the world today.

4. Worldwide service network

MYCOM's worldwide service network assures the availability of MYCOM genuine parts for refrigeration compressors in 22 countries and 41 depots outside Japan. There will always be a supply of MYCOM genuine parts close by to meet your immediate needs.

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The use of non-geniune parts without the knowledge of the user, in the international marketplace, will cause abnormalities such as:
a) Abnormal decline in performance.
b) Capacity reduction.
c) Durability and longivity of the compressor.

All MYCOM's warranties will be null and void by the use of non-genuine parts.
Owners are cautioned to ensure that only MYCOM genuine parts are used when doing overhauls or repairs to MYCOM compressors.
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